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Guest Houses "Robin Hood"
Guest Houses "Robin Hood"
@Tatiana G.
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With the next few lines we would like to express our gratitude to Vilizar Nenov for our joint work. The results are there. We have very good communication, exchange of ideas and quick actions. No doubt we will count on you in the future!
@Desislava L.
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We have been working with Vilizar on my site from the very beginning. It helped me completely with the choice of design, purchase of certificates, photos, videos, integration, contacts in the field I need, everything I need. At many points, I myself did not know what I wanted and I consulted him completely. There are always at least two solutions to everything. You don't need to understand from advertising, optimization, etc., Viliser explained everything to me in simple words so that I could understand it, which is very important for me personally! The site is almost ready, but I will continue to work with him, because as I said I trust him completely, he accepted my project as a cause, and I accepted him as an exceptional professional and thanks to him my personal dream is a fact. I recommend everyone to have the pleasure of working with him and to make sure of what I have said.

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