My name is Vilizar Nenov.

• Entrepreneur • Marketing Consultant

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Vilizar N - Just watch your business grow!

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1988. I graduated in 2007 Instituto Bilingüe ¨Miguel de Cervantes¨, better known as the "Spanish High School". Shortly afterwards, I graduated with a degree in Automation, Information and Control Engineering.

In 2011, I started my first own business in Sofia, and over the next 3 years I expanded not only my business and sales outlets, but also found loyal partners.

This allowed me to focus my attention fully on my passion - marketing and advertising, both to my companies and to acquaintances and referrals. Another business idea has become a reality!

As a young and growing entrepreneur, I've learned over the years that a successful business person thinks about what customers want and gives it to them. Customers don't want "piecemeal" work, they want a finished product.

But there is no advertisement without a product!

That's why I ensure that the websites I build are pixel perfect, guided entirely by the fundamental rule that design is made to work, to convey to clients clearly and distinctly what they want to see.

Ideas today travel horizontally: from person to person, not from organization to customer.

As an entrepreneur with extensive experience in various areas of business, I can guarantee your success! You just have to hire me!