About Me - Vilizar N.


My name is Vilizar Nenov.

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1988. In 2007 I graduated Instituto Bilingüe ¨Miguel de Cervantes¨, better known as "The Spanish High School". Shortly afterwards, I was accepted into "Automation, Information and Control Engineering" because "the machines were my passion".

So a few years later the circle narrowed around the cars and in 2010 I opened my first car service in Sofia. Things went fast there and I had to make my choice - to finish my education with an uncertain future or to continue to follow my entrepreneurial spirit. The decision was not so difficult…

How did I get to be a marketing specialist, you ask?

Let me tell you all from the beginning!

Like most young entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, I did not have a large start-up capital for advertising. So I had to entrust this responsibility to a specialist. But with the budget I had per month, I could afford as much as a "specialist."

The money for advertising went, and the customers did not. I had to do something! But I didn't understand how exactly Facebook and Googleworks. And yet no one was born a scientist, right?

I started reading and i red a lot! It was good to understand English and Spanish language, which helped me a lot in finding the right articles (thank you, mother, for making me study foreign languages so hard!).

But reading alone was not enough, practice was needed! At least I was calm that I was "playing" with my money, not with clients' money. And to be honest - Google and Facebook are not what they were in 2010. I researched local markets to the smallest detail and acted. 

Success is not late…

But being a boss and a worker, a secretary and a marketing specialist turned out to be a difficult endeavor at the same time! The more the work grew, the more I failed to finish everything I set out to do, and this led to some omissions and dissatisfied customers. I entered into a partnership with my childhood friend, now my current client and a very successful businessman. With his help I fixed the mess and increased the number of my clients and staff. In the "movement" we learned to be entrepreneurs with the belief that one day we will become the best in our field.

A few years later I opened my second Automotive Workshop in Plovdiv-city. With the experience and the money I had in 2015 and 9 months later, I achieved what I had in the first car service after 4 years. I had already walked the road once and I knew that for quick success I needed money, a loyal partner, trained and satisfied staff, strong advertising. This helped me build a sustainable business in less than a year.

I achieved not only financial freedom, but also the freedom to have my free time when I want!

Seeing my success, many friends began to seek my advice before starting their own business ventures. They even recommended me as a consultant to their acquaintances without this being my main profession and income. Simply put - the job found me on its own!

But even if a man lives well, he gets married! 😌 

That same 2015, my girlfriend and later my wife, graduated as a "Marketing and Advertising Specialist". How ironic, nah. She had the "diploma" and I had the "money" , metaphorically speaking.

Together we created a company that started with the development of websites and online stores, advertising on Google and social networks, logo design and printed materials, and so on.

However, customers were looking for a service from "A" to "Z" and this gave birth to the idea of a small family printing house with which to close the circle.

Said, done!

The financial and time independence that I had achieved thanks to the Car Repair Shops allowed me to fully dedicate myself to my new passion - internet marketing. I no longer had to worry about "playing" with people's money because I had solid experience as an entrepreneur and marketer. And the many successful businesses in which I have participated prove it!

And still, 100% of the divorces start with marriage first.

I didn't believe that it would happen to me, but here it is - it happened a few years later. Coincidentally, a rapid division of property, cars and the most unpleasant thing - business - was necessary.

Yes, I knew I was losing a portfolio I had accumulated over the years, but I had other businesses and she didn't. However, the deals must be profitable for both parties!

Then I realized the following - people work with people and companies can be created and closed in less than a week. And I vowed:

  • from now on I will work only for my name, because it will remain forever. 

Welcome to my Website, I am Vilizar Nenov.