How to Google
SEO properly


Website optimization for search engines it seems like a complicated process at first glance and in practice it is, especially when it is not clear where to start and what exactly to do. Despite the hundreds of search engine requirements, there are some basic rules in the process of how to do seo optimization, which if you follow, you will quickly take a place on the first page of Google.

How to do SEO properly VilizarN.EU


Content is the "king"!

There was a time when buying links was a serious business and allowed easy and fast manipulation of Google results only in this way. But that moment is long gone, and with it come thousands of sites that have received lifelong deindexation, along with all their clients to whom there were links.

If you do not want to find yourself in this situation and start all over again with a new site, Google recommends: "Focus on the content on your site!"

But what exactly does Google wants to see on your site?

Before you start typing any text, you should be aware of the keywords you are looking for:

  • try inserting phrases of 3 or more words (example: "car air conditioning recharge near me" instead of only "car ac")
  • be specific and use a maximum of 2-3 phrases from the same group (example: "car air conditioner repair", "car air conditioning service")

If you are still wondering which are the right keyword phrases for you, then use as a starting point the Google Keyword Planner.

How to do SEO - keyword selection VilizarN.EU

Once you have laid the foundations (you have found the right keywords) comes the line of text - what to write there? 

  • from the key phrases you found, choose the one with the most average monthly searches as the leader
  • use this phrase on average once every 100 words, and the rest less often
  • put at least 1 picture that contains your leading keyword phrase in alt text
  • use the leading keyword phrase at least once in the title of the page / article, in the short description and if possible in the link (it may be written in Latin - search engines are very good at transliteration)

The minimum recommended text length is 600 words (the more the better). Do not be unsubstantiated, but write concisely, accurately and clearly - with an introduction, thesis, main part and conclusion.

Keep in mind that the search engine algorithm does a great job of finding quality and interesting text and punishes those who over-use keywords. Keep a balance and write clearly for the people who are expected to read your text.

When we talk about SEO then the way to show search engines which pages with which keywords and phrases are related are internal links.

How to do SEO - internal links VilizarN.EU

You need to increase your "authority" ...

Although Page Rank, Domain Authority and Domain Rating if metrics are not officially accepted by search engines in terms of good rankings, then many studies show that they really matter.

Domain Rating (DR) measures the authority of sites based on their feedback profile (the links that point to your website). There are many software that you can use to "measure", just search for Website Authority Checker.

The scale in the measurement varies from 0 to 100 and the higher the number, the better. However, be aware that this "ranking" is not taken into account directly by search engines, but provides an excellent way to compare the relative authority of two or more websites in the same niche. If a site has a lower DR from its competitors, this can affect its ability to rank for relevant search engine keywords. for how to do seo optimization properly

How to increase the credibility of your site?

The easiest and cheapest way to achieve this is to include your website in business listings. Just Search for Free Business Listings in Google. Then open a text file on your computer and save:

  • site / business title
  • short description
  • keywords
  • labels
  • link

This is the necessary information that you have to fill in almost everywhere and in order not to write it again and again, just copy and paste. Use the above Website Authority Checker to "sift" the good from the bad catalogs.

Know that the quality of the links is important, not the quantity!

Well, is that all in conclusion?

Of course not! But it is a good starting point for those of you who do not have the necessary financial resources to hire a professional SEO managerwho is aware of all those "subtleties" that will sky rocket you quickly to the top. However, if you want your business to grow in the right direction, I highly recommend that you do so. for how to do seo optimization properly

When does SEO makes sense?

When there is enough trafficto justify the investment. SEO also has its disadvantages:

  • you cannot "create" a search
  • works only for an existing search and only on the search network
  • you can't measure conversions and yours, respectively ROI (return over investment)
  • Search engines do not profit from SEO and annually invent new rules that complicate the process
  • since you do not pay directly to search engines there is a possibility that they will de-index you without any explanation
  • even if you are in the first position, studies show that 92% from all clicks on the Internet end up on paid advertising.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no business from which you can only profit - you will first have to give something in return - time, money or both.

If you are not sure which is the best option for the development of your business - seo or direct advertising on Google, then contact me for a free consultation now!