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In order to be seen, you must first stand in the spotlight!

And this can happen in 2 ways - immediately - with paid advertising in Google Ads or through SEO services on your website.

Website development

For those of you who are just hearing about SEO let me explain what seo optimization is - Search Engine Optimization is search engine optimization (in our case Google and Bingbecause they are the 2 most popular in Europe), also known as organic search.

In other words - these are the first results that come out in the search results after Google Ads paid advertising, Google My Business publications and YouTube videos.

On this page:

What Are The Benefits Of Website SEO

  • you do not pay to display your website
  • you do not pay for search clicks
  • you get a lot of free traffic
  • you can easily monetize your site

What is SEO and how is SEO done?

The results of the organic search are not organic at all. They have been manipulated!

But how does it actually happen? Let me explain…

In front of you stands the man X and states that he is president. The first thing that comes to mind is doubt - you have never seen him or heard his name. Several other people appear to confirm the words of man Xthat he is president. Doubt is beginning to dissipate slightly, but it is still there. You go home, run the news, and see the prime minister, whom you know very well, say that the man X is the new president. The suspicion then disappears on 100%.

The process works in the same way with SEO services - the more external links point to your site (a process known as link building / creating backlinks), the more "reliable" it seems to search engines. Or so it was in the beginning…

Like the president, it does not matter whether 10 people unknown to you will confirm his words or whether the current prime minister will do so. The same goes for links (backlinks) coming from external sites - some have more value than others, and this is determined by the current "authority" of the site, also known as domain authority.

Building links is an easy way to manipulate organic search results and therefore from Google announced in their latest update that this will no longer be the main ranking criteria, especially if the links come from "farms" (sites created solely for the purpose link building).

Instead, serious attention will be paid to semantics in the content - a science that studies the very meaning of words and phrases and how they interact, and the user experience - page experience:

  • mobile friendly - Is the website convenient for viewing a mobile phone?
  • first input delay - measures interactivity (anything under 100 milliseconds is a good result)
  • cumulative layout shift - Is the site visually "stable" and how often do users click somewhere "by mistake"
  • largest contentful paint - page load time (2.5 seconds is the upper limit)
  • safe browsing - is there an SSL certificate (http "S")
  • social share - If your website is shared, it is a sure sign for search engines that the content in it is worth it.

What do I offer?

On-site SEO optimization

SEO Services - On-Site SEO | VilizarN.EU

Imagine watching an Opel car. Its owner and several other people are trying to convince you that this is a Mercedes. But you keep seeing Opel, no matter how many more people try to convince you otherwise.

The same thing happens with websites - your site will never rank first if its content is irrelevant to the keyword phrase you are looking for, no matter how many links you have.

I offer SEO of a website with content created and written competently and entirely according to search algorithms - correct keyword selection according to Google Keyword Planner, exact density of key phrases and "satellite" words filled in correctly in the rich snippet and Schema Markup, manually selected image for social networks for each page, above 90% uniqueness of the texts according to Advego Plagiatus.

SEO Services - On-Site SEO | VilizarN.EU
SEO Services - Link Building VilizarN.EU

Quality Link Building

SEO Services - Link Building VilizarN.EU

Building links is the factor that can elevate you to the first position, but it can also bring eternal BAN to your site if it is not done properly.

The basic model requires them to appear "naturally" over time and by no means from "link farms".

Ioffer you quality link building from verified sites with high domain authority, which will ensure fast and long - lasting ranking of your website in the results of Google and Bing.

Copywriting to the next level

SEO Services - Copy Writing | VilizarN.EU

Content is King (always !) - a phrase that is gaining more and more popularity in the Internet circles. There is nothing more annoying than content (text or video), which does not match our search. It is even more unpleasant when it is created illiterately and by people posing as "professionals".

Toall my clients I offer copywriting (content creation) on any subject with a guarantee of literacy and above 90% uniqueness of the texts according to Advego Plagiatus - in Bulgarian, English and Spanish language.

SEO Services - Copy Writing | VilizarN.EU

When does it make sense to do SEO?

When there is enough search traffic per month to justify the investment!

The process of SEO services also has its disadvantages:

  • it takes time - from 6 months to an year, sometimes more
  • works only in "Search network"
  • there is no accountability in conversions
  • it is not applicable in "sales funnels"
  • can't be used in remarketing campaigns and other…

What is the best strategy for your website? Send me an inquiry now…

Website Optimization Prices

SEO for Website

from 149 * without VAT
  • promotional price


from 25 * without VAT
  • for an article up to 300 words

Frequently Asked Questions

In the interest of truth, God cannot guarantee that. The reason is that in the process of SEO optimization is "played" by some rules of search engines, which rules can be changed at any time and this compromises the original strategy. For this not to happen, things have to be done intelligently and 'naturally', as I mentioned above, and that takes time. If you want instant results we can discuss an option for advertising in Google Ads and Facebook Business.

It depends not so much on what position your site is, but what you sell / offer, what is the interest in your product / service, what is the profit, what are the costs of your company and other factors that have nothing to do with "first position in search network '.

Why choose me for SEO?

Many clients describe me as a perfectionist - a person who cares about the "small detail". In my work I am not satisfied with just "it's good", but with It is perfect!

Behind every quality software there is an "army" of well-paid programmers. That's why I firmly stand behind the idea that quality costs money and I would never allow myself to use untested and / or free software on a website made by me!

SEO site optimization is the least I can do for you. As my clients, you will have the opportunity to advise you on many business issues thanks to the experience I have since 2010, especially if you are just starting out. I could:

  • assist in the import / export of goods to and from the EU and China in English and Spanish
  • clear your goods quickly from customs thanks to the contacts I have there (only for Sofia)
  • sell your goods and services in the EU, thanks to my many years of experience in dropshipping
  • create, manage, and optimize your ad campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Business
  • advise you on any other issues concerning your business.

A person works with person. Companies close and register in less than a week. But a person's name remains forever.

What I will do for you will be "my business card on the internet ".