Advertising in Google

The fastest way to be No. 1 when they're looking for you is advertising on Google!

Why Google advertising and not SEO optimization for example? Because with the option for Google advertising you reach your customers from day 1. Unlike seo, advertising in Google can be accurately measured!

Google Advertising VilizarN.EU
  • in Google Ads You choose how you pay - per click, per impression, per conversion, etc.
  • Google allows the collection of a huge amount of data about site visitors - gender, age, income, interests, conversions and much more.
  • in Google Ads You have multiple ad slots and millions of partner sites, ad scheduling, display language, keywords and phrases, direct calls, integration with YouTube, My Business, Analytics, Search Console, Cloud Platform and many, many other setup and optimization options.


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Benefits of Google Advertising

The benefits of online advertising, whether or not Google Ads or Bing, are mostly in that it can be measured (unlike radio and television advertising, for example). And when it comes to a limited advertising budget, this is a very important factor.

With Google advertising you choose:

  • the search network or the display network
  • the amount of advertising budget per day, week, month
  • audiences - by gender, age, household income, interests, etc.
  • what to emphasize - calls, visits to a store or office, sales of products, inquiries from potential customers.


Google Ads advertising includes: search network, display ads on partner sites, video advertising on YouTube, advertising in Gmail, advertising in Google Maps, advertising in apps and games from Google Play on Android phones and other.

What do I offer?

Google Ads Management

Google Advertising Management VilizarN.EU

The key factor for the effectiveness of your Google ads lies in the proper creation, organization and management of your advertising campaigns and their quality compared to your competitors. How much you pay per click and how many conversions you get for the same budget depends directly on the overall performance of your ad account.

I guarantee excellent creative for your ads - correct keyword selection, detailed audience analysis, optimized account conversions and an unlimited number of photos and videos licensed from the largest media database ShutterStock.

Google Advertising Management VilizarN.EU
Google Advertising Strategy VilizarN.EU

Not just advertising, but strategy

Google Advertising Strategy VilizarN.EU

Every business is different and has customers who buy products and services based on certain criteria that must be applied correctly.

That is why it is very important to build the right strategy with the creation of the first advertising campaigns and the so-called "sales funnel".

For the last 10 years advertising in Google Ads I have spent an advertising budget of just over 1 million euros. This is a lot of money and data obtained from the analysis of the ads, which made me the specialist I am today!

Prices for Google Advertising


from 25 * without VAT
  • per hour


of 179 * without VAT
  • per month

Frequently Asked Questions

It mostly depends on the field in which your business is located and the level of competition. Google Ads is a platform whose prices are determined on the basis of an advertising auction for the specific region and a keyword / phrase. To receive an indicative budget, please send me an inquiry.

The price for my work depends on the time you want to hire me. It is more profitable for you on a monthly subscription, because then the price is fixed (allows you to more accurately calculate your monthly expenses) and analysis and editing of ads is done as many times as necessary regardless of the hours.

Ad profiles accumulate new data with each passing day. Respectively, the time required for the processing of this data increases, and hence the cost of ad management.

However, this should not bother you, because my commission grows in parallel with your profit and not earlier.

Why choose me to advertise you on Google?

Many clients describe me as a perfectionist - a person who cares about the "small detail". In my work I am not satisfied with just "it's good", but with It is perfect!

And spent over 1 million euros in advertising budgets.

The creation and management of Advertising in Google is the least I can do for you. As my clients you will have the opportunity to advise you on many business issues thanks to the experience I have since 2010, especially if you are a beginner in entrepreneurship. I could:

  • assist in the import / export of goods to and from the EU and China in English and Spanish
  • clear your goods quickly from customs thanks to the contacts I have there (only for Sofia)
  • sell your goods and services in the EU, thanks to my many years of experience in dropshipping
  • create, manage, and optimize your ad campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Business
  • advise you on any other issues concerning your business.

A person works with person. Companies close and register in less than a week. But a person's name remains forever.

What I will do for you will be "my ad campaign in internet".