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If you are not present on the Internet, it is as if you do not exist at all!

Your Website is "Your business card on the internet", so it is important to make a good first impression. - Website Development - Website Development

The website design service takes into account many factors - looking "cool" is not enough. The website must be selling - understandable to users, fast and efficient. And in order to get a quality website, you need a person like me who understands how business works.

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What is important for the proper design of a website?

  • do not use ready-made templates
  • the content must be 100% unique
  • to have a "mobile" and a "tablet" version
  • On-Site SEO Content
  • be optimized for conversions
  • to sell your products and services effectively

What do I offer?

Website development

Individual Website design

Website development

Ready-made templates are preferred by many colleagues because they are easy to work on - they replace the content with those provided by you, which allows them to work quickly and relatively cheaply. However, the problem with ready-made themes when creating a website is that they are full of redundant content (modules, widgets, sections) that you do not need (often with outdated versions, because in order to be updated they have to pay a license). This slows down the site and increases the loading time of the pages, also is a hole for potential hacker attacks.

II offer you website design with a design from scratch that will guarantee minimum resources used and no redundant code, minimum loading time (under 2 sec.) and maximum security against spam and hacker attacks.

100% unique content

Website development

In order for your website to be successful, its content (photos, video and text) must be unique and not copied / downloaded from another site. This is important not only for SEO (search engine optimization), but also for subsequent advertising in Google Ads and Facebook Business. The more unique, interesting and relevant is the content embedded in your website, the less you will pay for advertising afterwards.

Toand all my clients have chosen web site development from me, I offer an unlimited number of photos from the largest database for photographs ShutterStock (at no extra charge) and unique text content written by my copywriters (in Bulgarian, English or Spanish).

Website development - Website Development - Website Development

Desktop, tablet and mobile version - Website Development - Website Development

More than 85% of Internet traffic passes through a mobile phone, and the remaining 15% is shared between tablets and desktop / laptop computers. Therefore, it is very important in the process of creating a website to build it mainly with the idea that it will be used on mobile devices. In this line of thinking, what needs to be emphasized is the speed of loading and the relevance of the information - it has been proven that if the customer does not find what he is looking for within 11 seconds, he will leave your website.

Do pain my innate meticulousness can guarantee you perfectly stylized web content when creating your website to the last pixel with all the devices used.

On-site SEO

Website development

Translated, the above means search engine optimized site. With each passing year the algorithms of Google and Bing (the most popular search engines in Europe) are becoming more intelligent and are looking not just for the key words in the text, but for the semantics in the content - a science that studies the very meaning of words and phrases.

PWhen creating a website, I guarantee content created and written competently and entirely according to the search algorithms - correct keyword selection according to Google Keyword Planner, exact density of key phrases and "satellite" words filled in correctly in the Rich Snippet and Schema Markup, manually selected image for social networks for each page, above 90% uniqueness of the texts according to Advego Plagiatus.

Website development
Website development

Site Conversion Optimized

Website development

There is no point in emphasizing site traffic (whether through paid advertising or SEO) if users find it difficult to contact you. Everyone possible client from a phone call or sent form it is important to keep it because it will be yours warm audienceto retarget in the future.

AndThe sites I created are designed for the potential client to be able to contact you in the easiest way for him and at any time. And most importantly - to be kept on a list.

Selling your products and services effectively

In order to sell a website, it does not need to look "luxurious" and be packed with animated text and photos. There are completely different factors that influence - user-friendly interfaceto ensure easy navigation; unique and relevant contentto satisfy the consumer interest as much as possible.

That is why it is very important when designing a websites to be created for the users who will use them, because demand determines supplyand not the other way around!

Website development Prices

Static Web Site

in 1 language
of 449 * without VAT
  • x2 for additional language

Dynamic Website

in 1 language
from 769 * without VAT
  • x2 for additional language

Frequently Asked Questions

In the process of building a website I use WordPress as a foundation because of its open source, which allows unlimited changes. I build the design from scratch, thus guaranteeing a minimum of resources used and maximum productivity of the site without anything superfluous.

No. You must purchase them separately. But I recommend that you take your time to discuss exactly what you need.

Yes, as for the proper functioning of the site in the form in which you received it on the day of signing the handover protocol. It is important to keep in mind that periodic updates of the content management system and installed plug-ins are not subject to free maintenance, because each update requires detailed documentation, staging test and compatibility check with all other modules before being updated. Free technical support after the development of a website does not include the elimination of problems related to hosting. However, full technical support is available for an additional fee each month and the price is negotiated individually depending on the services you want me to perform for you.

The process of creating a Web site takes place within a week to a month, but it mostly depends on you. Often, customers wander between multiple ideas before shaping the final vision in their head. Therefore contact me and i will help you clear the concept as fast as possible.

Before we start the process of building a website, we will sign a contract - for your and my reassurance, in which everything will be described in detail.

Of course! I can give you both a simplified invoice without VAT and one with VAT included. For all customers in the EU (outside Bulgaria) VAT is not included by default.

The above prices serve as a starting point and are not final. The development of a Web Site is entirely in the field of services, and there is no fixed price for the services. In general, the final one is determined by how voluminous the site is and what features you want to have.

Why choose me to make a website?

Many clients describe me as a perfectionist - a person who cares about the "small detail". In my work I am not satisfied with just "it's good", but with It is perfect!

Behind every quality software there is an "army" of well-paid programmers. That's why I firmly stand behind the idea that quality costs money and I would never allow myself to use untested and / or free software on a website made by me!

In addition to creating a website for you, I can also offer a complete brand building - from logo design and printed materials to online advertising in google ads and social media.

Building a Website is the least I can do for you. As my clients, you will have the opportunity to advise you on many business issues thanks to the experience I have since 2010, especially if you are just starting out. I could:

  • assist in the import / export of goods to and from the EU and China in English and Spanish
  • clear your goods quickly from customs thanks to the contacts I have there (only for Sofia)
  • sell your goods and services in the EU, thanks to my many years of experience in dropshipping
  • create, manage, and optimize your ad campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Business
  • advise you on any other issues concerning your business.

A person works with person. Companies close and register in less than a week. But a person's name remains forever.

What I will do for you will be "my business card on the internet ".