Types of advertising for
profitable business


When we look for information about "types of advertising" it is definitely because we need to make informed choices about where to invest our money so that they bring us as many new customers with minimal investment. Where advertising is cheapest and most effective - on the Internet or outdoor advertising on a billboard; radio and television advertising or print materials? You have come to the right place, because in this article I will look in detail at the types of advertising and their pros and cons.

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What types of advertising are there?

In general, advertising is divided into two types - unsolicited and requested. And if a person is familiar with hundreds of types of advertising, then not all will be the subject of my examination. Not for anything else, but because I will focus only on the most important and those that are really effective.

This type of advertising belongs to the unsolicited. In my opinion, the least efficient, especially on highways. If you are going to use this "type" for advertising, choose places located at large city intersections - there the chance to see you is one idea greater.

In general, billboard advertising has only one purpose - to cause brand awareness - to see your name, your logo and in order to remember it.

Radio and Television are among the unsolicited types of advertising as well. This is because we do not watch television or listen to the radio with the main purpose of seeing and hearing advertisements. However, advertising is the main means of subsistence of radio stations and television programs (although the latter collect additional commissions from so-called "operators" through the sale of "broadcasting rights").

The scheme is simple - the media gives you interesting content in the form of shows and music to hold your attention as much as possible. Your time is the product that radio and television sells to advertisers.

+ Pros:

  • there is no household without at least one TV
  • there is almost no man without a car, and every car has a radio
  • radio and television advertising is a means by which you reach a huge audience at once

- Cons:

  • no one can say exactly how many people are watching or listening to your ad at any time
  • no one knows exactly the gender or age of the people who are watching or listening to your ad at the same time
  • radio and television advertising is very expensive because there are constant surveys for audiences.


Advertising on Radio and Television is suitable for products and services of a general use, applicable to the mass consumer - detergents (hence the so-called "soaps" for the movie series), food, medicine, etc.

If until a decade ago we connected the Internet mainly to "downloading movies", this is not the case today - more than 93% of traffic passes through a mobile phone. And who has a mobile phone? Everyone!

Internet advertising belongs to both types of advertising - requested and unsolicited. The ad we see after performing a "search" action is requested, and the ad on social networks, for example, is not requested.

Online Advertising - Why Is It The Best Choice?

Very simple - because can be measured! What does this mean?

It means that we know at any time who sees your ad - gender, age, nationality, spoken languages, interests, etc. You will say that it is not true that you did not indicate your gender or age. Let me explain how things happen…

The most common in Europe are phones with the Android operating system. This is because Google provides it completely free of charge to device manufacturers. How generous, isn't it? Nothing like that - no free lunch. There is only one goal - Google wants to have access to each of you, to know everything about you so that it can show you ads.

You do not need to voluntarily provide any personal information - You do this inadvertently through the application tracking option that you agreed to when you first launched your phone (who reads the license agreements at all).

How does the "machine" understand who you are?

Types of advertising - Machine learning VilizarN.EU

Here is an example - You go to an online store and look for a long-sleeved T-shirt. Hundreds of results are displayed that you do not have time to look at and narrow the search with filters - you specify size L, men's t-shirts. Boom! The machine already "knows" - you are a man, weigh an average of 90-100 kg, most likely wear shoes size 43-44 and are 175-195 cm tall. You also order diapers - so you have a child, the diapers are 3-5 kg, so the child is a newborn - you are a young father. The trend for Europe is for men to become fathers around 30 - so you are in a group of 30-35 year olds….

While all this "tracking" may seem "sinister" to you, the goal here is for ads to reach the right people at the right time - this leads to satisfied users and advertisers alike. The situation is a win-win for both parties.

The requested ad

As mentioned above - this is the ad we see after we take action Google search. The search network is the best channel for advertisers because it doesn't annoy users - we only show them ads when they need to see them.

+ Pros:

  • we pay for the ad per click, the display is free
  • the setup is relatively simple - someone is looking for an "office chair", we show him "office chairs" and we don't care if he is a woman or a man and how old he is

Ad Types - Google Search - Office Chairs VilizarN.EU

- Cons:

  • if you don't know what you are doing you should hire online advertising specialist
  • the platform for advertising in Google Ads is extremely complex and extensive - there are hundreds of metrics that you should be very familiar with and that affect the quality of advertising and how much you will pay per click compared to your competitors
  • Google does not refund money - Once put in the advertising budget must be spent - to what extent this will happen effectively depends on the person you hired to manage your advertising campaigns.


Except Google, search and paid advertising have Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and others. And yet, to date, Google is the most popular search engine in the world.

Unsolicited advertising

These are all the ads we see from time to time as we scroll through Facebook or browse news sites. Like radio and television, their goal is the same - to hold your attention for as long as possible and then trade your time. These ads are mostly targeted to users of interest, to specific audience lists, or for remarketing purposes.

+ Pros:

  • remarketing - we remind the user who once visited our site for us, for a abandoned cart, for a missed promotion, etc.
  • we target advertising directly to people with specific interests (comes out cheaper than the search network)
  • we can use the channel to "create" a search


- Cons:

  • as any unsolicited advertisement can cause serious irritation to some users


To avoid this irritation you should have a comprehensive advertising strategy. The aimless placement of ads here and there will only lead to a lack of results and money "thrown to the wind".

What type of advertising is best for your business?

Undoubtedly the right answer is internet advertising! With its hundreds of advertising channels, you can easily reach anyone on this planet who holds a mobile phone in their hands.

The most important thing to remember is that there is no business from which you can only profit - you will first have to give something in return - time, money or both.

If you are not sure which is the best option for developing your business just get contact me for a free consultation now!